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Monroe Hypnosis has been proudly serving Rochester, Buffalo, & Syracuse, NY Area GEOs since 2007.
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At Monroe Hypnosis, we offer a variety of services designed to help our clients lead happy and healthy lives. All hypnotic techniques empower you to reach your goals, overcome fears, and live the life you want to live. In addition to providing some of the best research based hypnosis in Rochester, we offer Reiki and Aromatherapy services that can enhance your experience and further assist your wellness and pain management goals. You can live a better life, starting today! Monroe Hypnosis is conveniently located across from Pittsford Plaza in the GRB building (next to the RAC for Women).

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The client is 100% in control at all times. Contrary to popular belief, a person being hypnotized does not bend to the will of the hypnotist. The client always has full awareness and can accept or reject any suggestions given by a hypnotist.

Our Hypnosis Services

Smoking Secession

High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infertility and birth defects...


Weight Loss

Every person will lose weight according to their body, age and metabolism, hypnosis...


Academic Success

Problems with school and studies?  Hypnosis can help you.  Trained Professionals...


Stress Reduction

Stress affects our personal lives, relations to others, our professional lives...


Isolated Issues

Hypnosis can help with other issues too.  Let us know what is concerning you...


Legal Shield

Everyone can access legal protection - and everyone can afford it...

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