• Hypnosis used in brain surgery!

    weight-loss-hypnosis-1This is a great article on how hypnosis is used in medical settings both as an alternative and as a complimentary procedure.  Hypnosis is not what you see on TV, it is a tool-set used by trained professionals to assist people in making life-changing choices. Read More

  • Dynamic Duos

    10 good reasons to buy this themeMany clients ask, “what food is healthy”?   In truth, there is a lot of different opinions in the nutrition field about this topic.   Additionally, people can’t always eat certain foods due to food allergies, medications, and other health related issues.    I’m not a doctor or a dietician; however, I do a fair amount of research on the topic and like to share what I find with my clients and friends.   If you have any doubts about a food or pairing, check with your doctor or dietician. Read More

  • Lose weight safely, naturally, and effectively this New Year

    hypnosis-homeWe learned in school that matter is never created or destroyed, it simply changes form.   So some people ask:  “When I lose the weight, where does it go?”    Yesterday, the National Public Radio (NPR) highlighted research performed by Dr.  Ruben Meerman (physicist) and Andrew Brown, a lipid researcher at the University of New South Wales. Read More

  • Does hypnosis help to manage pain?

    Helping you focus on your businessAre you worried about post-surgical pain? Hypnosis can help reduce recovery time and reduce pain levels experienced after surgery.  In a recent meta-analysis, (Montgomery, David, Winkel, Silverstein & Bovbjerg  2002), 20 studies with control groups were reviewed to assess if hypnosis reduced pain in individuals after a recent surgery.   Read More

  • Hypnosis in the Media

    weight-loss-hypnosis-1Many of us have learned about hypnosis from what we have read in books or seen in movies.   Hypnosis has been featured in many movies such as: The Manchurian Candidate (1962 & 2004), Stir of Echoes (1999), Zoolander (2001), Donnie Darko (2001), Office Space (2001), and Shallow Hal (2001). Read More